Checking Health of Email Lists

Janis B

Janis B

Janis, an email marketing expert with 3+ years of experience, consults digital businesses on expanding their reach and boosting sales. She’s a prolific content writer, frequent industry speaker, and the founder of, an online email marketing event.

Checking Health of Email Lists

Email marketing has been one of the initial methods of digital marketing and it still plays an important role. In fact, email marketing strategies form an important component of every company and/or organization across the world. Consider this perspective. The sales and/or marketing team of a company give a lot of efforts along with investing the company’s money in generation of leads. That is, contact details of these leads. These leads could be probable customers interested in purchasing products/services.

Now what use will be those leads if you don’t reach out to them? And, Email Marketing is the fastest, most cost effective and also the most welcome form of marketing by recipients.  Emails do not interfere with their work and does not require immediate concentration.  The best email marketing companies there are also certain things use advanced tools along with experienced staff in the process for this. However, there is catch. How do you know whether your email ID is healthy or unhealthy?  This means, how do you know if the email account is still active and/or is connected to the person you wish to reach?

There are tons of emails IDs and not every email ID is a healthy one. The core disadvantage of an email ID becoming unhealthy is that it might end up being black listed. Hence, there will not be any value in keeping email lists then. But we can help! Target Access Hub is an email marketing company in the United States. We understand the factors that could affect health of your email lists include but are not limited to,

    • Hard Bounces

    • Spam Trap Hits

    • Inactive Recipients

    • Un subscribers

    • Complaints

Target Access Hub can help in maintaining a healthy email list. Some of our steps are:

    Any Data Need

    Pleasant Opt-In for Visitors- Sign-up-processes must be easy for first-time subscribers. The fewer steps they have to go through, the better. We will make necessary changes in your web design for this and also optimize email-list subscriptions on your social media platforms.

    Data for Segmentation- We divide the lists into categories such as interests, location, age groups and so on. Also, date of opting into the email subscribers list. This can help in the removal of emails that seem engaging no more or are inactive.

    Decluttering of the List- A new opt-in campaign can be launched to ensure that only genuinely interested people are in your Email Marketing lists. More engaged lists could improve deliverability.

    Digital Marketing StrategiesWe will increase interest in your brand name/website through the publishing of newsletters, blogs, posters, and so on. People will be encouraged to sign-up for your marketing lists through these.

    Sounds good? There are more which we can discuss over discussions via email or phone calls.


    What email looks most professional?

    A professional email features a concise subject line, a polite and respectful tone, correct grammar and spelling, and a well-crafted signature.

    What are examples of professional emails?

    Examples of professional emails include job application emails, client correspondence, colleague communication, networking emails, meeting scheduling emails, business proposals, thank you emails, and feedback and review requests.

    What makes the perfect email?

    The perfect email combines clarity, brevity, a polite tone, correct grammar and spelling, and relevance to the recipient. It also respects the recipient’s time and adheres to email etiquette.

    How do I create an eye-catching email?

    To create an eye-catching email, use a compelling subject line, incorporate visual elements like images or graphics when appropriate, maintain a clean and organized layout, and make sure your content is engaging and relevant to the recipient’s interests or needs.

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