ERP Users Email List

ERP Users Email List

Reach your ERP Users when they require your software

If you are trying to promote your ERP to your users, be sure to spend more time nurturing your leads. It makes no sense to spend your time sourcing contacts who won’t benefit you. At the same time, you won’t benefit them as your business doesn’t satisfy their needs.

Getting your hands on a database of users who use ERP and its applications would be a godsend.

It would benefit you as you can

  • Access people who are using ERP daily
  • People who are now browsing to buy ERP and its applications soon
  • People who use competitor software that is similar to the functions of ERP

Get a quote - we have got you covered on all marketing needs

Benefits of choosing our lists

Reach your ERP users - yes, even the ones who are normally hard to reach out to. To this ideal audience, you can effectively market your solutions.

Whether you wish to

Enhance your brand awareness

Generate better leads

Study insights and generate measurable ROI

Build trust and credibility

Make faster conversions

Reach out to people who are otherwise hard to connect with

The solutions are cost-effective and the database is very simple to use. You can build lasting relationships on trust and credibility while enhancing your brand awareness and conversions.

Why are we the best option for your partnership?

Target Access Hub is known for its reputed services and ability to compile unique user lists without compromising on your ideal budget. Let us know your preferences and location, our team will analyse your target audience and provide you with some samples.

Furthermore, we can curate unique campaigns and personalized emails to target them exactly when they require your solutions.

Contact our team for a customized quotation, specific samples of our work that is relevant to your needs, and to gain access to a diverse database of contacts today!

How can I customise my ERP email lists?

Revenue size

company size



Competitor analysis

Street address

Zip/postal code

Phone number

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can this ERP list be used by a layman?

Yes, the list is simple to use and the database can be accessed and navigated even by a layman. Even if you have limited technical knowledge, you can effectively navigate through the database of contacts.

2. Is it expensive to procure an email database?

At a nominal rate, you can gain access to the largest database of contacts and connect with them. You can engage in a direct marketing strategy at a cost-effective price.

3. How should my team approach the contacts?

How should my team approach the contacts?