5 Ways You Can Keep Track of Customer Buying Behavior

Janis B

Janis B

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5 Ways You Can Keep Track of Customer Buying Behavior

Everything a customer thinks and engages with around your brand can have a deep impact on the relationship between you and your customers. This, in the marketing world, is termed customer buying behavior. 

The best way to find out why people prefer your brand over that of your competitors is by studying their behavior. Here are some things you can look into when it comes down to studying consumer behavior.

How Can You Keep Track of Your Customer Behavior?

Google Analytics

Google’s analytics tools can tell you where the traffic on your site is coming from. Track this information and see what they’re interested in by tracking their behavior as they move through your store. Learn more about your audience based on their demographics and interests as you examine the satisfaction scores of your customers and identify trends in their responses.

Using parameters and customized URLs, you can simply have a clear idea of your customer’s movements. Find what you want with different levels of tracking methods by Google analytics.

Keyword Research

Keyword research shows you what your prospective consumers are searching on the internet. It shows you how you can be the brand they find when they search the keywords in question. This helps you keep track of the consumer buying intent. 

It is quite evident that not every keyword is for buying intention. This extrapolates further which keyword to incorporate in order to get quality leads that actually go down your sales funnel. So, keywords are one of the easiest and most effective ways to track customer behavior.

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    Feedback Through Surveys

    When you have a Google survey on your website, it helps you keep tabs on what your customers are searching for. This is a way to understand the habits of potential customers, even before they make a purchase from you. It’s helpful if you can specify which type of people with certain characteristics you want to see the survey link on your site in order to only target people who match those specifications that you are looking for when marketing your business.

    Hence, they help you find out about your customers and are best for market research.

    Social Media

    Social media platforms are more than just places to share your pictures and enjoy likes and shares. A business can track a world of data through social platforms. 

    Keep track of what people are saying on your brand’s posts, how many people it is reaching, what kind of reactions you are getting; negative and positive, social sentiments, and other valuable data. Facebook has its own analytics to give you insightful data.

      Any Data Need

      Google My Business

      Instead of just guessing at what’s popular and sticking to that formula, think about which of your products and services will actually serve them best. Sure, people search for things on the internet all the time. 

      GMB can help you stick out, and with a few parameters and tools, you can track how many users actually engaged with your local business account.

      How Can We Help?

      We can help you track valuable and insightful data about your consumers using premium tools. This will help you sell to the right audience with minimal effort and cost so that your revenue increases. Contact us today for a detailed consultation. 


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