Bring your A-game in email marketing

Janis B

Janis B

Janis, an email marketing expert with 3+ years of experience, consults digital businesses on expanding their reach and boosting sales. She’s a prolific content writer, frequent industry speaker, and the founder of, an online email marketing event.

Bring your A-game in email marketing

Targeting your prospects doesn’t just end at social media content curation and SEO. it extends to quality remarketing through personalized emails – exactly the reason why you should strengthen your team for email strategies! In email marketing, you can use a personalized touch to curate automated mass emails to people who have shown an interest in your brand.

What is it useful for?

Email marketing is a great digital marketing strategy to connect with your audience directly and effectively. Emails are one of the best communication channels to engage your audience. Did you know that a majority of users check their emails every day? By following a consistent strategy and nurturing your leads, you can efficiently achieve the following


  • Turn prospects into conversions
  • Generate new leads while nurturing existing ones
  • Turn one-time buyers into repeat customers
  • Develop fans for your content and pages


Through your emails, you can enhance your brand awareness. If your audience has already browsed through your products and services and has shown an interest in them, you can help retain your brand in their memory. This method of brand recall will help you direct your audience to take a specific action.

    Any Data Need

    Some common Calls to Action (CTAs) include:

    • Purchasing on your website
    • Filling out a form to sign-up
    • Directing people to your website or social forums
    • Filling out a database to help support a cause
    • Increasing your website clicks
    • Visiting and following your social media pages
    • Improving engagement through likes, shares, and comments

    You could also use this method to bring in giveaways! Simply specify to your audience what action they need to do to stand a chance to win a prize. This could revolve around liking your content or resharing it on various platforms, roping in some people to follow your pages, tagging people in your content, and so on. You can use your emails to offer reminders to your audience and update them about the status of the contest.

    Converting leads to revenue

    Emails have the highest chance of helping you make conversions. People who check email content have a greater chance of visiting your website and researching further. Email marketing is known to have the highest RoI compared to communication on other channels – the average order value of emails is notably higher than social media! You can make sales online if you have catchy content that persuades your audience to make a purchase.

    A good agency can help you curate a list of leads that can never be taken away from you. They can then help you send personalized messages to these leads as per their content appeal and preferences. Identify the right target audience for your content and send them emails (maybe even drip campaigns that are spread out over a wide period) and consistently remind them about your brand.

      Any Data Need

      Popular lead magnets

      • You can add value to your prospects by creating engaging content and free offers. Everyone loves gifts and email marketing is no different! Some popular lead magnets are


        • Free coupons
        • Free consultations
        • Ebooks
        • Cheat sheets and resources
        • Case studies
        • White papers
        • Free trials
        • Valuable samples
        • Quizzes and frequent assessments
        • Webinars and links to your sessions online

        Want to ace your email marketing game and build a tangible list of leads to send emails to? Contact us to kickstart your campaigns and turn your leads into conversions!


      What email looks most professional?

      A professional email features a concise subject line, a polite and respectful tone, correct grammar and spelling, and a well-crafted signature.

      What are examples of professional emails?

      Examples of professional emails include job application emails, client correspondence, colleague communication, networking emails, meeting scheduling emails, business proposals, thank you emails, and feedback and review requests.

      What makes the perfect email?

      The perfect email combines clarity, brevity, a polite tone, correct grammar and spelling, and relevance to the recipient. It also respects the recipient’s time and adheres to email etiquette.

      How do I create an eye-catching email?

      To create an eye-catching email, use a compelling subject line, incorporate visual elements like images or graphics when appropriate, maintain a clean and organized layout, and make sure your content is engaging and relevant to the recipient’s interests or needs.

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