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Do you have a cannabis/CBD store needing exposure? Have you been wondering how to reach more people with your business? Well, you’re back in the game. Welcome to Target Access Hub, the go-to place for all businesses for exposure and sales assistance.  

At Target Access Hub, we provide all the different marketing and sales services for your business, be it a startup or a decade old well-established firm. Our experts have been acclaimed by our clients across different industries globally. Stick with us to the end to find out how to increase your sales and grow your brand awareness with our cannabis stores/CBD stores email list.


Mailing List for Cannabis Stores/CBD Stores

Cannabis stores or CBD (cannabidiol) stores will not have pedestrians walking up to the stores for the drug much. This jeopardizes the growth of the business to an extent that without the help of right marketing strategies, it is very hard to get noticed by prospective clients.

Industry Wise Email List For Maximum Returns

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Reach Cannabis Growers

Get a customized mailing list of all the prospective cannabis growers for your supplies. Reach out to them based on their land size, country, rates, and so many more categories.

The best thing about the whole list is that it is organized and customizable based on your purpose or goal of the email marketing campaigns.

This will help you target specifically and organize the results so obtained.

Collaborate with Your Competitors

A great way of taking your business to a new level is collaboration with others. And for a business such as a cannabis store, who better than your own competitors.

Reach out to your competitors at different levels of business, email them your offers and do your business with a new approach altogether.
Get our customized list of all the cannabis stores and dispensaries and grow your brand with quality collaboration.

Contact Pharmaceutical Firms

Cannabis or CBD is a crucial element of the modern medical drugs. It is used to treat anxiety and many other health disorders.

As a cannabis store, one of your best scopes is to sell your product to certified buyers and pharmaceutical companies.

This you can effortlessly pull-off with the help of our 20 million contact database. Reach out to prospective clients for the products and offers from time to time.

Convey your offers and get hold of the market with the quality data we provide.

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the leading digital marketing and sales management companies in India and abroad. Our team has been acclaimed for its ground-breaking techniques and services by our earlier clients.

Timely delivery
Geo-targeted database
Sample data before the actual purchase
Enables execution for multi-channel marketing

Get Appended Data

Do not waste your time extending your services and offers to mails that do not exist at all. Take hold of our advanced database with 100% authentic data for your business. It is organized and appended for your efficiency.

Researched and Reliably-Sourced

The data that we have is well-researched by our market experts. It has been collected through various surveys online and onsite and we assure the reliability of the data completely.


A piece of uncategorized data is like being lost in a jungle. If you do not know how to navigate through the data, you are barely going to make any business out of it.

Therefore, we emphasize the necessity of categorization and organization of the data that we offer for the ease and efficiency of our clients.

Our Email Marketing Services

Apart from database management, we specialize in email marketing in order to drive leads and traffic to your website or business. Our experts can come up with tactics and techniques for email marketing campaigns to boost your business growth phenomenally.

To explore new sales opportunities

To design relative marketing strategies

To increase sales

To increase brand visibility

To reduce marketing expenditure

To execute ABM successfully

To establish direct connection with decision makers

To gain better response, conversions and ROI