How can content marketing help you build trust in your audience?

Every brand wants to secure their position as the number one choice for their users. Looking at the millions of options they have right now, it is difficult to get to their top priority. Providing services and quality products was the mantra earlier.  But now it is not limited to just that. You have to […]

Ultimate Guide To Building an Email List from Scratch

Rumours have been that email marketing is dead now. But if it is dead, then how come we have around 4 billion email users currently? Email marketing is active now and would give you great results at an affordable cost.  If you are planning to create an email list but are confused about where to […]

Email Marketing Five Main Email Types for Your Prospects

Thinking about taking up email marketing services for your brand growth? Well, your train of thought is headed in the right direction. An email has been around for more than a decade and has still remained the most trusted communication platform in the world despite the presence of many other modern communication tools.  If you […]

In What Ways Can I Reach My Prospects?

A brand only does business when it reaches its prospects on time and the right platform. No marketer is under the impression that B2B lead generation is a piece of cake. While obtaining enough leads for your business is tremendously tricky, it is still harder to reach them and nurture them.    This article will […]

5 Misconceptions about email marketing

Among the best and most effective marketing and advertising platforms in the world is email. It has been around for the longest time and is also the most trusted platform for any communication. You pick your campaign goal; brand awareness, lead generation, remarketing or lead nurturing, and email marketing can help you pull it off […]

5 Ways You Can Keep Track of Customer Buying Behavior

Everything a customer thinks and engages with around your brand can have a deep impact on the relationship between you and your customers. This, in the marketing world, is termed customer buying behavior.  The best way to find out why people prefer your brand over that of your competitors is by studying their behavior. Here […]

Why is it Important to Segment Your Emails?

Email marketing is a tremendous tactic for diverse marketing prospects such as lead generation, content marketing, etc. It has the largest reach in the world, with the highest customer retention rate of all the communication platforms. And with emails comes another higher responsibility of who it should reach. And that is where email segmentation comes […]

Can Emails be Personalised While Maintaining a Template?

Email marketing is an important part of a brand’s remarketing and retargeting campaigns. A proper strategy of email marketing can really set a brand up for continuous flow of revenue from the existing base of customers.  According to a study conducted in 2021, there are around 4 billion email users globally currently; a figure which […]

How can influencer marketing help your brand awareness?

If you are trying to enhance your brand awareness, influencer marketing is one of the best ways to achieve it at a nominal price! Influencers can make your brand more authentic and give you a personality – two things no other strategy in digital marketing can achieve. Would you rather buy from a faceless brand, […]

Bring your A-game in email marketing

most popular Targeting your prospects doesn’t just end at social media content curation and SEO. it extends to quality remarketing through personalized emails – exactly the reason why you should strengthen your team for email strategies! In email marketing, you can use a personalized touch to curate automated mass emails to people who have shown […]