How we ensure email delivery during marketing?

A lot has been discussed on the concept of email marketing. Several marketing personnel suppose that the process of email marketing begins with and ends with great content. Content may be essential and is the first step. However, while amazing content is essential in the email marketing stage; it is of no use if the content is never read! Recognized research bodies state that more than half (at times more) of emails sent for marketing/promotion, land up in the spam folder or are even straight away deleted without opening them!

However, this issue can be overcome, improving email deliverability mainly depends on a couple of consistent strategies. This post from Target Access Hub explores them. 

Senders Reputation

It is highly recommended to contact a professional email marketing company such Target Access Hub for this factor. There are several companies who participate in email marketing. Email providers automatically mark emails as spam if there is NOT a good sender reputation. Target Access Hub maintains its reputation with certain steps such as:

  • Continuously check if our IP address is backlisted.  If so, we will take steps immediately to remove our company’s name from the backlist. We may also encourage subscribers to re-opt into these emails or remove addresses that were added to our mailing list before a certain date.
  • Authentical protocols will be put in place.  We will send “credentials” to the email provider which highlights our DNS protocol. 


Always Check Health of Email Lists

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, most emails go to the spam folder or remain unopened. What about invalid emails? These will lead to high bounce rates. And, when bounce rates increase, the recipient server’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) gets notified that the email list is not actively maintained or the content is not engaging. To prevent these, we;

  • Periodically review list of unengaged subscribers and invalid emails.
  • Integrate a double opt-in option.
  • Enable easy subscription as well.

Limit Number of Emails Sent

There are daily rate limits; that is the number of emails permitted to send a single day, for several multiple email service providers.  This is to prevent spam. The team at Target Access Hub recognizes this and makes sure that we send the right number of emails at the right time. This is done by sending emails in smaller batches over a period to avoid high rates, getting bounced or getting marked as spam. We also segment email recipients for large lists. 

Deliver Consistently

Consistency in emails will help the subscribers know when to expect your emails. Hence, they can “trust” that you will appear in their inboxes on time. Trust is a core link that binds businesses and their customers.  An organized gap between sending emails could lead to not paying attention or completely losing interest and unsubscribing from the list.  While there is no perfect duration to send emails, members at Target Access Hub implement marketing strategies according to the audience and type of campaign.

There are more aspects we use in email marketing that you would be interested in. Reach out to Target Access Hub via mail or call for more.

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